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Podcast: Healing is in our collective hands - the value of rituals and sacred practices

In this episode we are joined by Deirdre Prins-Solani, a living heritage practitioner, consultant to UNESCO and a spiritual ecologist. In a conversation spanning the globe, literally, we talk about the value of cultural rituals and sacred practices in the wellbeing of people and cultures. These practices have too often been dismissed, or worse, erased through governing powers – be that colonialism or other forms of domineering and sometimes brutal regimes across the globe.
They have not been altogether lost. And across the globe there are these rituals and practices, rediscovered, renewed or emerging that are providing the means of healing and hope.

POST SCRIPT: Please note that in the podcast Deirdre mentions the hudhud chant in relation to Cambodia but has indicated that this is incorrect. The hudhud chant is the ritual for rice paddy farming in the Philippines. The choirs in Cambodia which were banned by the Khmer Rouge are chapei dang veng. The Khmer regime severely impacted the bearer population as it targeted artists in particular. In fact, Cambodia listed this element on the UNESCO urgent safeguarding list in 2016 because though it is a highly valued heritage, it is facing death.

Photo by Jim H Walling

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