Intergenerational trauma is global

No one person, people group, or nation is immune. Our mission is the disruption of cycles of inter-generational trauma.


What people are saying

The workshop was very clear and concise and very clear that every topic discussed was of relevance to our work as well as personal lives- keep up the good work!!ALICT participant (a counsellor)

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for doing the workshop with us. It was informative and insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also feel like I have learned a lot and it will help shape me as an educator and class teacher. Thanks againEducator, Central District, Cape Town

Intergenerational trauma is individual and collective

Historical trauma lies at the root of intergenerational trauma. It is not an event but intentional acts of oppression and violence by one group over another for an extended period. This can set off a cascade of effects that is often re-enacted across the generations. Trauma is a subjective experience of violence, threat, loss, exclusion and powerlessness that results in a negative change in how we view ourselves, our relationship to others and our place in the world. 

Trauma is cyclical unless disrupted

Trauma is past reality, that is historical, and for many it is a current reality as well as a future anticipated reality. As such there are many people in our society living in survival mode with the consequences of ongoing violence and mental and physical health challenges. To see change requires a disruption of this cycle. 

Disruption must be systemic as well as individual 

Our team of trauma disruptors