Who is R-Cubed

R-cubed is a social enterprise with a unique contextually-grounded understanding of trauma and resilience working to build positive, emotional climates for individuals, organisations, companies and communities.  We embrace a trauma-informed lens to assist those we work with to be able to effectively respond to challenges in a way that helps to 

Restore hope, 

Reconnect relationships and 

Rebuild a vibrant environment

A social enterprise

The primary objective of a social enterprise is to address social problems, blending the best of non-profit and for-profit organisations. Operating off a ‘no loss, no dividends’ motto, profits are thus secondary used to ensure that the skills and talents people bring are valued and to maximise the social impact. In this way a social business is not reliant on grants or donations.

Why trauma-informed

In our society trauma and violence is experienced very directly in a range of different ways. Experiencing trauma such as violence, loss, exclusion and powerlessness over time does not only affect individuals as it changes how we feel, think and behave but can also have a broader effect on the culture of an organisation. Where people experience trauma collectively, this can give rise to an environment where people feel dehumanised and disrespected, and further result in burnout and low productivity. In order for an individual, organisation or community to maintain a standard of resilience and optimal care for self, staff, clients and/or residents a trauma-informed approach needs to be adhered.

Through working deeply to transform environments of conflict and violence, families, communities, schools and organisations can achieve sustained and measurable change where they incorporate a trauma-informed culture and practice. R-cubed believes that through implementing trauma-informed principles and practices, it promotes environments which are respectful, safe, cohesive and resilient. This ultimately can significantly reduce the generational cycles of violence which exists globally across multiple systems.


R-Cubed has a dream of a peace-filled and democratic society with individuals, organisations and communities flourishing in all areas of life and relationships. To achieve that dream, the cycles of intergenerational trauma must be disrupted and safe, connected and collaborative places and spaces rebuilt. 


Our team of trauma disruptors