“I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for doing the workshop with us.  It was informative and insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also feel like I have learned a lot and it will help shape me as an educator and class teacher.  Thanks again.” (Educator, Central District)

“Now I can really understand why my learners find it difficult to concentrate and learn. More of our colleagues in schools need to know this. Thanks a lot!” (Educator, Central District)

“I never thought I would open up this much. I have seen a psychologist for so long but I’ve never shared these things there. Here in this workshop I’ve been able to be really honest and to learn to trust people more.” (Youth Worker)

 “The workshop was very clear and concise and very clear that every topic discussed was of relevance to our work as well as personal lives- keep up the good work!!” New World Foundation project manager, Lavender Hill

“You have really opened up my eyes about trauma. I didn’t realise I had so little understanding of how big and vast trauma really is even though I work with it daily. You’ve made me understand so much more about historical trauma and what is going on in our society.” ALICT, Counsellor

“I  am so very grateful to Lane especially for her pioneering, tenacious spirit  of  Ubuntu and agape love for others. The training forms part of my holistic  personal development as a teacher to enhance  the  progress  of  our  future  nation builders, our children. I would like to recommend that it be  implemented in the curricula of  all Tertiary Studies, whether it be skills or  academic. I would also like to recommend the R-CUBED TRAINING as a   compulsory workshop for all present Education  Staff.” Educator, South Metropole

“Our training on communication was really helpful. I further more would like to congratulate you as the presentation delivered by you was of good quality and well prepared. We at Macmillan and Associates are looking forward to working with you again.” MacMillan Accounting Staff member

“We always talk about self-care but don’t do it and this course really opened my eyes to why it is such a priority.” NGO Manager

“I think it has really left me profoundly changed, humbled, and thirsting to know more, because of that age old realization that the more you know the more you realize how little you know.” Life Coach

“I enjoyed the open discussions and the interactive nature of the workshop. I gained lots of insights and ideas.” School SMT member

“It gave me an opportunity to learn more about me and created much more  awareness of how others on my staff are doing too.” Principal