School and the covid moment


A continuation from our previous episode ‘a moment in (schooling) time’, where Lane and Grant conversed around the imminent return of learners to school. Our discussion was not around the merits of return or not return, but rather that perhaps an opportunity has been missed to rethink the way we do schooling. In particular, the issue was raised as to why the focus is on the curriculum that practically ignores the social-emotional basis of learning – a critical issue at this time where so many are wrestling with anxiety and stress, and for some this is loaded on top of already existing trauma.

In this episode we dig a bit deeper into the social emotional aspects of learning. Lane and Grant are joined by Jessica Wasserman (an Ed Psych) and Ashley Visagie (from Bottomup). We highlight the various areas of social emotional learning, from the broader schooling system, the unjust infrastructural realities and the experience of the individual learner in the classroom itself. The question is raised again as to why the pursuit to ‘finish’ the academic school year when covid seems to have provided an opportunity to rethink, reconsider the way we do school (and the way schools could be community centres). 

The 30+ minutes only scratches the surface, but schooling, as it is, is not working for so many learners in South Africa can we find the courage and vulnerability to admit that and take this ‘covid moment’ to consider and plan for a different way.