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Welcome to the introductory session!

We will start the course with an introductory session which will be live on Zoom.

Date & Time: 02 November 2021; 16:00 – 18:00 (South African standard time)

The objectives for this session are:

  • To introduce and connect with other participants on the journey
  • To introduce and orientate participants to course structure and online platform layout

What to bring to the session:

We invite you to bring an item with to the live session, which is meaningful and describes you. Some examples could include an photograph, painting, clothing item, artifact, candle etc.

Zoom Details

Please use link or meeting code and password below to access the session:

Meeting ID: 934 3780 1730 Passcode: 317824

*If you are unable to attend this session live, a recording will be made available after the session.

00:19:43 Mariam: great for kite surfing Grant – when you have lemons make lemonade 🙂
00:22:38 Tessa Gardener-HandsandFeet NPC: Amy Wright is running a little late. She’ll be here soon.
00:22:51 R-Cubed: Indeed Mariam…sometimes it feels too scary to kitesurf😁
00:22:55 Minkateko Wicht: Thanks Tessa!
00:34:09 Bertha Mbuya: Good day, sorry my video isn’t working. Bertha Mbuya is having bad connection
00:34:58 R-Cubed: Thanks for letting us know Bertha. If you would like to introduce yourself through the chat space that will also be great
00:56:02 Bertha Mbuya: Bertha is a Tanzania citizen, who is currently doing her masters at cut. She also did her undergraduate grad in OT at UCT. She is working as a part time clinical educator at UCT
00:56:30 Bertha Mbuya: Nice to meet everyone😃
00:56:47 Amy Wright: Good to ‘see’ you again Bertha!
01:15:40 Mariam: Apologise I do need to log out shortly. Thank you for the time and introductions and look forward to further connection. Thank you everyone
01:16:40 Natalie Adams- Adonis: Thanks Mariam
01:16:45 Pat Mayers: Apologies from me too. Look forward to the course.
01:16:59 Natalie Adams- Adonis: Thanks Pat
01:20:40 Hilary: I will also need to log out about 5 minutes before the end as I have a webinar at 6pm 🙏 Thank you all
01:22:13 Natalie Adams- Adonis: Noted Hilary, thanks
01:27:11 Bertha Mbuya: Sorry my network is really bad, I have difficult hearing the discussion. I had prepared a hand mad african map with, it is really pretty it was my wedding present. I brought it specifically because I have been around the world, last month I was in Germany. It was so nice part of me being there as people are friendly but on the other side there are a lot of prejudices and discourses regarding Africans especial if you are black person. Due to the issues of refugees i was seen as a refugees and so some people defined me as I ruined away from y country/ Africa, some will ask me questions that make me question it is 2021 and people really think this way regarding other people of color? As So this beautiful hand mad African map is kind remaining me of who I am. As a black woman the power I have/Hold, the vulnerability that I face, but among all despite I am not shaped by where I am from but who I am.
01:28:16 R-Cubed: Thank you so much Bertha
01:28:27 Natalie Adams- Adonis: I could
01:53:19 Minkateko Wicht:
01:56:04 Hilary: 👍
01:57:39 Toni Shaked: that would be invaluable
02:00:07 Toni Shaked: courage
02:00:10 helen schaffer: simplicity
02:00:11 Amy Wright: Hope
02:00:17 Shona Saayman: Vulnerability is courage
02:00:21 Tessa Gardener-HandsandFeet NPC: Peace
02:00:28 Justine Spalke: It’s a journey
02:00:29 Hilary: Good enough, not perfection
02:00:40 Minkateko Wicht: curiosity
02:01:10 Andrea Radnitz: resilience
02:01:55 Bertha Mbuya: Reality

Meet the Course Community

Considering that the majority of the sessions in this course are self-paced, it’s important to meet the other participants who are on this journey with you. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comment section below by sharing your name, work area/experience, what keeps your fire burning and one thing you do to restore your energy.

We look forward to meeting you and starting this journey!

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