SBF Session Recording

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The session recording as well as chat record will be posted here for us to reflect on. If you have any additional questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Session recording

Chat Record:

00:22:56 Mariam Hassen: Hi Everyone – apologise as I can only attend part of the session. thank you
00:24:07 Natalie Adams- Adonis: Noted thanks
00:37:49 Handsand Feet: Hope
00:37:56 Toni Shaked: bringing lots of empathy and a safe place to share
00:37:56 Justine Spalke: Empathy and Care
00:38:00 KERRY: kindness
00:38:01 Shona Saayman: Love
00:38:06 Pat Ma512661yers: connection
00:38:14 Amy Wright: Caring
00:38:28 Hilary: Unconditional support
00:38:48 Pat Ma512661yers: I am experiencing a delay – am I the only one?
00:38:55 Justine Spalke: me too
00:38:55 KERRY: me too
00:38:59 Amy Wright: same
00:38:59 Shona Saayman: me too
00:39:06 Handsand Feet: and me
00:39:20 Toni Shaked: yes
00:39:21 KERRY: yes
00:39:22 Handsand Feet: All good now
00:39:24 Justine Spalke: yes can hear you
00:39:33 Mariam Hassen: empathy and understanding
00:40:59 Pat Ma512661yers: I will need to leave at about 5.15. Will catch up the recording
00:41:28 Minkateko Wicht: Thanks for letting us know Pat
00:54:31 Hilary: Thank you Mariam! Feeling similar! <3
00:55:05 Mariam Hassen: 🙌
00:55:15 Hilary: We’ve lost audio
00:55:21 Samantha Booysen: no sound
00:58:45 Natalie Adams- Adonis: apologies, I loss connection, I’m back
01:17:22 Mariam Hassen: thanks Natalie, but do students know why they are doing things differently and its benefits?
01:18:49 Mariam Hassen: And wondering if this is or isn’t important for integration
01:19:48 Pat Ma512661yers: What do you see (as reported by the teachers ) if the TI approach if starting to make a difference?
01:21:44 Mariam Hassen: Thank you R-Cubed and everyone here. Apologise I do need to go. I do hope future connection possible to continue the growth in this practice.
01:22:40 R-Cubed: thanks Mariam and thanks for the questions
01:26:09 Natalie Adams- Adonis: we also did extensive m&e with measurable indicators with the teachers
01:59:58 Toni Shaked: thanks Andrea and Shona
02:19:32 Tessa Gardener: Thanks so much team! That was such incredible input.
02:20:02 Toni Shaked: this all begins with me…. accountability
02:20:08 Shona Saayman: 🙏 Thank you, but I have to go……gold nugget: Inspiration and hope for our communities
02:20:08 Justine Spalke: What happened to you? Will be burnt in my brain from now on.
02:20:08 Hilary: Deep listening
02:20:12 Bertha Mbuya: Thank you 😊
02:20:17 Andrea Radnitz: intentionality
02:20:21 Toni Shaked: thank you
02:20:22 Tessa Gardener: Reflection, slow down and be a safe space.
02:20:23 Samantha Booysen: 3 Rs = a key
02:20:28 Andrea Radnitz: thanks so much Everyone.

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