Grant Stewart

Grant Stewart is an experienced facilitator and trainer with over 25 years of experience in youth
and community development. He holds an M.Ed. (Educational Support) from the University of
Stellenbosch and has a passion for working with people towards a transformed way of being.

With his background in youth and community development, Grant has worked in a variety of
urban contexts including organisations, schools, communities, and correctional facilities. He has
a particular interest in using trauma-informed principles in his approach to working with
individuals, teams and organisations. Grant has a strongly relational methodology and believes in
the importance of building strong, supportive relationships with individuals and communities.

In his free time, he enjoys trail running, participating in a veterans football league, playing guitar,
reading and spending time with his family. Currently, Grant is the co-director of a small
trauma-informed consultancy, Restore Reconnect Rebuild (R-Cubed), where he continues to work
with individuals and communities to promote healing and transformation.

Reflections by Grant Stewart